Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Excuse me? Pigeons?

In the general interest of posting on this blog more frequently I am going to make an effort to dig up things that might be interesting. Today I didn't have to dig very far. In fact it sort of fell from heaven. No pun intended. If you haven't already read the article below you have to. I am not kidding , its imperative. It really needs no explanation other than the fact that it literally is an article glorifying the fact that Kings of Leon literally cancelled a show , mid-show , because they were getting pooped on by pigeons.

Now honestly , I enjoy Kings of Leon at times - not to mention they are from Nashville ( local , yes) and I definitely sympathize with the pigeon situation. Twice in my life I've been on park dates where I or the other person was forced to deal with the humiliation of that situation. I mean really , there's no smooth way to play off the "I just got defecated on by a winged animal but really - we can still make out" line. But it doesn't matter - and the end of the day this article and the situation are simply hilarious.

Not to mention , I find it a bit ridiculous that they cancelled the show. I mean find a canopy or something , right? At least they gave all of the concert go-ers a full refund. Way to make the best of a ...ahem.. (resist the bad pun Jessica)... less than desirable situation.

- Jess of ECS

Recording this week! Hope to have some videos of it soon. Here's the link to the best week ever article :


Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweaty Tired and Ecstatic to be Photographed

Hello everyone!

Just a super quick update on whats going on in ECS world!
This past Sunday we were fortunate enough to have a photo shoot with local photographers Jessica Coggins and Corrie Burris ( thanks again guys ) . We probably had a bit too much seeing as that it was 100 degrees and our outfits weren't the most conducive to the weather. Here's some of the pictures from the shoot - hopefully we will have the entire set sometime in the next few weeks.

We are recording our EP this week so look out for that , as well as dates for at least one more show before the fall quarter begins!

Thanks for reading!

- Jess of ECS

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Electric City Sanctuary Vlog Update: Watch Us Practice!

Hey guys!

Just thought you all might like to be introduced to the other fellas in the band and hear some updates. Hope all is well with you!

Jacob of Electric City Sanctuary

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nice to Meet You Too!

I apologize for being terrible at naming these things - vlogs as well . Titles are really not my gift...

Regardless. I'm currently visiting the amazing city of Chicago but I wanted to go ahead and quickly put a face to the voice on the ECS sketch videos. So here it is! Introduction video :

Am i the only one that loves the way that youtube manages to always pick the worst screen shot of your face?

Twice as amusing and definitely worth checking out is Time magazines : " Top 10 Worst Songs of the Summer" , I advise checking it out... HERE! Top 10 Worst Songs of the Summer

- Jess of Electric City Sanctuary

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello Out There!

Hello All!

So this is the official christening of the Electric City Sanctuary blog - woo! Can't wait to get to know you all and provide you (hopefully) with a fair amount of amusement.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our show at The Good Cup last Friday , we had a great time with all of you!

The guys are recording starting this week while I'm in Chicago so hopefully we will be able to post some videos on our Vlog of that process.

In the meantime enjoy this slightly sketch video of "Approaching the Framed Ghosts in the Corridor" performed at The Good Cup.


- Love

Jessica of Electric City Sanctuary