Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Excuse me? Pigeons?

In the general interest of posting on this blog more frequently I am going to make an effort to dig up things that might be interesting. Today I didn't have to dig very far. In fact it sort of fell from heaven. No pun intended. If you haven't already read the article below you have to. I am not kidding , its imperative. It really needs no explanation other than the fact that it literally is an article glorifying the fact that Kings of Leon literally cancelled a show , mid-show , because they were getting pooped on by pigeons.

Now honestly , I enjoy Kings of Leon at times - not to mention they are from Nashville ( local , yes) and I definitely sympathize with the pigeon situation. Twice in my life I've been on park dates where I or the other person was forced to deal with the humiliation of that situation. I mean really , there's no smooth way to play off the "I just got defecated on by a winged animal but really - we can still make out" line. But it doesn't matter - and the end of the day this article and the situation are simply hilarious.

Not to mention , I find it a bit ridiculous that they cancelled the show. I mean find a canopy or something , right? At least they gave all of the concert go-ers a full refund. Way to make the best of a ...ahem.. (resist the bad pun Jessica)... less than desirable situation.

- Jess of ECS

Recording this week! Hope to have some videos of it soon. Here's the link to the best week ever article :


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  1. Yes indeed. Hope to have a video for this soon. I almost don't believe it.