Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Acoustic and "Lets do that again...and more time"

And no , I'm not talking about hitting the replay button on the YouTube video of the poor KOL bassist and the pigeons unfortunate encounter - although I do recommend that at least once or twice. 

I'm actually talking about Electric City Sanctuary's first experience recording for our demo 
"Melted On the Floor" . We were lucky enough to record at End of Trace Studios in Nashville and have had a great time doing so but it has definitely also presented us with some challenges. 

In order to spare you the melodrama of some over-detailed angst filled femme vocalist rant I have detailed our encounters in this easily navigated list format of "RECORDING FOR THE FIRST TIME SO IMPORTANT ADVICE" : 

1. Guess what? Microphones transmit sound..through walls..and sometimes upstairs out of speakers.

This is important to remember when you have your standard band meeting discussing the nearly unbearable attitude of your female vocalist and she is upstairs where the microphones are feeding into. We learned this one the hard way. Or should we say "I" learned this one the hard way as I leaned over for a glass of water and thought to myself "I'm fairly sure 'god she is such a pain sometimes' is not one of our lyrics".

2. That little statement beside the number (2) on your bottle referencing the inability to operate machinery might also be referencing your musical instrument.

  Once again important to remember - and yet extremely amusing for everyone else involved if you don't , as it makes the struggle for perfect timing nearly equal to the odds of number four listed below. That is until you reach that two and a half hour mark...

3. 8 hours becomes 25 when you step into that dark cave of the studio - also your friends may quickly become foe

On the second day of recording I realized why I felt like a high society teenager missing an aderal fix  between classes even with three large latte's. The darkness of the studio seems to create a nighttime effect at four in the afternoon. This nighttime effect seems to transform all involved into the only thing more scary than the teen without a fix - that being any thirteen year old who found out today that Justin Bieber wasn't nominated for Male Music Video of the Year.

4. The chances that your drummer will get it all in one take are alike to the odds you will catch Santa Clause coming down your chimney -  mid-July -  in a Ramones tee - sipping gin and juice and playing California girls

This is in no way an offense to Todd. In fact I would say that it's a diss to the rest of us - for assuming that he should be able to record all of his drums within an hour or two when it typically takes others days upon days.

5. Patience is not a word in anyone's vocabulary past hour 3... 2 and a half

This is self explanatory . Let's just say if there wasn't hate beams radiating to and from everyone at some point within the past several days I wouldn't be so quick to post up the hatred that was hilariously radiated at me. Replace patience and warm -hearted with any maliciously whispered profanity and you're dead on.

REGARDLESS - we have all survived and should be (very soon) sending out our Demo's wherever possibly. Til' then check out these acoustic versions of Melted on the Floor and Framed Ghosts :

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